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Easton, Connecticut Stagnation in Fairfield County.

Ray Martin Easton, CT

“The Jewel of Fairfield County” is how The New York Times once described Easton. Set in the thickets of Fairfield County, Easton, Connecticut is a picture-perfect rural suburb with a rich history. But, behind that façade of serenity lies a story of stagnation that has left it behind its neighbors in desirability. Easton’s real estate poignantly reflects its stagnation. As the real estate markets in adjacent towns thrive or bottom out, Easton chases thereafter. With no recent developments or new or current eyesores improved, the Town languishes without new buyers or investors hoping for modern amenities or new opportunities to take root. Thus, instead, residence values sit relatively stagnant, without the massive influx of affluent residents from its neighbors. No truly wealthy people chose Easton first. Today upper Easton still suffers from poor cell phone coverage. The Town can’t get anything done. When it comes to safety, whether such things as a sidewalk for a school or crosswalk anything new is disagreeable. And when the Town is ready to use a $2 million dollar grant to build a new EMS building some people are against it. Yes, free money is a problem here. Easton’s little bit of this and bit of that town center will when it comes to packing and parking insulate this progress. Easton hides politically behind a Town meeting style government. Holding out for the last places, will cause Easton to fall behind theirs. Infrastructure also compounds the issue Easton faces in escaping its stagnation. Inaccessible and sometimes less comfortable with local transport means residential growth is less likely to occur.

Easton Farm

Fairfield County’s restoration of such infrastructure boosts the economy; Easton chains itself to the past. Unlike its neighbors, Easton lacks a town center for gathering and friendship, further diminishing its appeal as a vibrant community hub. Consequently, people are reluctant to establish roots in Easton, perpetuating the cycle of economic stagnation.  Desirability equals Higher home valuations that equal a larger grand list that compounds itself into a stronger tax base for infrastructure. Amenities coupled with infrastructure and strong education system attract affluent home buyers. These infrastructure deficiencies exacerbate Easton’s stagnation, impeding its ability to adapt to evolving needs. Inadequate and limited public amenities hinder accessibility and convenience, discouraging residents. While neighboring municipalities invest in modernizing their infrastructure to accommodate growth, Easton lags behind, clinging to a bygone era. The absence of essential services and amenities diminishes Easton's allure, relegating it to the sidelines of Fairfield County's economic dynamism. Easton's educational landscape fails to shine amidst the competitive backdrop of Fairfield County. While once renowned for its exemplary schools, Easton struggles to innovate and adapt to evolving educational paradigms. The absence of cutting-edge educational initiatives and extracurricular offerings pales in comparison to neighboring towns, deterring families seeking comprehensive educational experiences. As a result, Easton's appeal as a family-friendly community wanes, further exacerbating its stagnation. Social and cultural stagnation pervades Easton, constraining its ability to foster a vibrant community fabric. The absence of cultural institutions and recreational amenities deprives residents of enriching experiences, fostering a sense of isolation and disengagement. Unlike its culturally vibrant neighbors, Easton lacks the communal spaces and cultural events that foster social cohesion and civic pride. Consequently, residents gravitate towards neighboring towns in search of cultural stimulation and social connectivity, perpetuating Easton's downward spiral. Environmental stewardship languishes amidst Easton's stagnation, undermining its appeal as a sustainable community. 

Easton Farm

Easton does nothing proactive to enhance and protect the environment. Easton’s answer to environmental protection is to do nothing . A farmer and a Gardener plan ahead. They feed the ecosystem, prune flora and create a large-scale terrarium. Not in Easton, it’s a hands-off policy and hope for the best.  While neighboring municipalities prioritize environmental conservation and green initiatives, Easton struggles to enact meaningful change. The absence of sustainable development practices and environmental policies tarnishes Easton's reputation as an eco-conscious enclave, deterring environmentally-conscious residents and environmentalists. Neighboring towns embrace sustainability as a cornerstone of their identity, Easton risks being left behind in the pursuit of a greener future. “The Jewel of Fairfield County” that article was printed in 1976!!   The residents that cling onto this statement, use it like it was printed yesterday. Think about where you were in 1976, I was in the 4th grade. That’s were our town is stuck, in 1976.  Beam me up Scotty …. send me to 2024.  This leaves us falling further behind every year. We can make Easton more desirable without changings its character. We can make it the place to be and still enjoy our farms and open spaces. Look around, Granby, Bantam, Chester, Kent, Washington and Coventry. Easton would have a leveraged advantage over these towns because we are in Fairfield County.  While neighboring municipalities prioritize environmental conservation and green initiatives, Easton struggles to enact meaningful change. From a stagnant real estate market to a lackluster marketplace sector, inadequate infrastructure, educational planning deficiencies, cultural stagnation, and environmental neglect, Easton grapples with multifaceted obstacles hindering its growth and prosperity. To revitalize Easton and reclaim its allure, concerted efforts to address these challenges are imperative.

Only through proactive initiatives and visionary leadership can Easton shed the shackles of stagnation and emerge as a vibrant and desirable municipality within Fairfield County's dynamic landscape.


Ray Martin Easton, CT

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