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Jake Martin, an emotional day with an amazing outcome!

Updated: Aug 21

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Today was an emotional day for me. We donated my Grandmother’s piano to my father (Ray Martin) and uncle’s (Andy Martin) alma mater. The piano was passed down to my Uncle Andy from his mother. Andy passed, after which my Dad formed The Andy Martin Music Foundation (501c3). We will be making the donation through this organization. The foundation was set up to give musical equipment and pay for music lessons for young people. I’m happy it’s going full circle to the school, but it was sad to see it go.

Oddly enough this had me thinking about my new career. It must be emotional when someone must sell the home they grew up in or raised their children in. Remembering the kids playing in the backyard or family get togethers like mine. I want anyone that has to go through this to know. Now I GET IT!

Visit Andy Martin Music Foundation's website below for more information. Thank you for your time.

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